Library Donation Policy Guidelines

Article 38 of IMU Library and Documentation Department Central Library Regulations sets forth the criteria concerning books to be donated to our Library.

ARTICLE 38- Criteria concerning Material Selection and Donations;

  1. Materials for donation should possess the qualities suitable for a University Library; be up-to-date and maintain their scientific value; and suitable for University education or socially or culturally supportive for researchers.
  2. Donations should be up-to-date resources for natural sciences and publications with literary qualities for social sciences.
  3. Promotional materials like newspaper supplements are not accepted as donations if there are variations in paper, print or content.
  4. Materials that are physically in poor condition with missing or stamped pages containing notes are not accepted as donations.
  5. Materials with manipulative content or containing political propaganda are not accepted as donations.
  6. Periodicals with missing volumes or those that cannot be accommodated with the existing collection or single issues are not accepted as donations.
  7. Elementary or high school textbooks, photocopies and lecture notes are not accepted as donations.
  8. Donators cannot ask to create a private collection or shelf in the library that might damage the integrity of a collection.
  9. Library and Documentation Department reserves all authority and the rights concerning shelving of the books or the donation or dispatch of extra copies to the library of another unit or institution.
  10. The Library is not responsible for announcing the list of donating materials. However, all donated materials are listed.
  11. Donated materials are stamped by the Department of Library and Documentation with the note "Donated by…”.

Materials deemed suitable for the library collection are given inventory codes and subjected to the same procedures that apply to other materials before being added to the collection. A thanking letter is sent to donators on behalf of the University.

  • Donators cannot claim any rights on or make demands about their donations.